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Adding custom paper sizes to Microsoft's inbox PDF printer

Boy howdy, this one is annoying.

Windows 10 has a built-in PDF printer. That's pretty awesome…except the print driver is really basic. It's so basic, it doesn't allow you to add custom paper sizes. I'm working on a print project that uses junior/half sheets, which are 5.5×8.5“. I needed to create a PDF from multiple copies of a range of pages in an InDesign project, and since there's apparently no way to do this with InDesign's built-in PDF export tool, I needed to do this as a print job, instead.

It turns out there is a way to add paper sizes - it's just not obvious at all…and it requires local admin rights. If you can get that far, here's what to do.

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Windows bcdedit and you

bcdedit is a super-powerful console tool for managing Windows Boot Configuration Data, aka BCD. This little guy can wreck your system and leave Windows unable to boot, so proceed with caution.

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