Adding custom paper sizes to Microsoft's inbox PDF printer

Boy howdy, this one is annoying.

Windows 10 has a built-in PDF printer. That's pretty awesome…except the print driver is really basic. It's so basic, it doesn't allow you to add custom paper sizes. I'm working on a print project that uses junior/half sheets, which are 5.5×8.5“. I needed to create a PDF from multiple copies of a range of pages in an InDesign project, and since there's apparently no way to do this with InDesign's built-in PDF export tool, I needed to do this as a print job, instead.

It turns out there is a way to add paper sizes - it's just not obvious at all…and it requires local admin rights. If you can get that far, here's what to do.

Adding paper sizes

  1. Open Control Panel (easiest way is to search for it from Start).
  2. Open Devices & Printers.
  3. Click on the icon for Microsoft Print to PDF.
  4. Click Print server properties in the toolbar.
  5. Click Change form settings and wait for the dialog to reload.
  6. Check Create new form.
  7. Add a name, and set the dimensions. You don't need to set margins, since this is for creating PDFs.
  8. Click Save form, then OK


Now your new paper size will show up when you try to print from a Win32 application.

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