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Operating Systems

I'm an equal opportunity OS user - I use and am familiar with Windows, OS X, and Linux. I'm *less* familiar with the successor to OS X, Apple's MacOS, mostly because all my Macs are now at least 10 years old, and I can't use anything past High Sierra (10.13), because some of the apps I use are 32-bit only.

I'm most familiar with Windows, and have a solid enough working knowledge of Linux to find my way around a bash prompt and get things done. My VPS (which hosts this website) runs Arch Linux, because Windows servers are a pain to support, and IIS is terrible.

We have several servers at home, which run either Arch Linux or some version of Windows Server. The Windows Server is our Active Directory domain controller, DNS server, print server, and file server. The Arch Linux server runs multiple containers, so we can host local-only instances of Dokuwiki and Gitea, as well as other fun stuff, like an AFP file share, which enables easy copying of files from newer machines to much older Macintoshes running various versions of the classic Mac OS.