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I'm a huge crafter. I discovered the Cricut Explore Air in 2015, and have been doing crazy fun stuff with crafting gadgets ever since.

I currently have several Cricut machines. While I am very disappointed with the company's more recent business practices1), they still make a superior product, so they've still got my business. For now.

Thankfully, they still listen to their existing customers enough to recognize when it's time to admit defeat2).

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  • CraftHacking: Tools for ProvoCraft’s Cricut Explore Airplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigCraftHacking: Tools for ProvoCraft’s Cricut Explore Air

    I’m a pretty creative person. I always have been, and my maternal family history includes a lot of creative-minded people. One of my cousins is a bona fide professional artist, my mom is musically talented as well as a great seamstress, my grandmother was an accomplished seamstress, quilter, and needlepointer